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Protect patient and public safety: report crime

1) Saint Croix Regional Medical Center (SCRMC) administrators

2) Saint Croix Valley philanthropy laundering & bribery

3) Hospital donors Drs. Jeffrey and Melissa Hall aided felon Dr. Armus

4) Medical ID thieves Dr. Armus & Re/Max® Kimberly Hood (Armus)

5) Wisconsin oversight (DSPS) attorney and physician co-conspirators


Click below to report tips to FBI, OIG

CIE healthcare reform: please report crime to state oversight or submit a tip to the FBI
Report healthcare fraud to HHS Office of Inspector General


Keep scrolling to report public and patient safety concerns to Wisconsin elected officials.

Below letter was sent 3/7/2024 to WI Gov Evers, AG Josh Kaul, Senators Baldwin & Johnson

WI Governor Evers Josh Kaul Tammy Baldwin Ron Johnson letter

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clinical sabotage, medical ID theft, & patient safety concerns
WI leaders failed to protect patients-scroll to file federal complaints

screenshot of Dr. Nanette Liegeois submission to Dr. Johnson

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