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Re/Max Racine Kimberly J Hood aided illegal Rx drugs by sexually harassing an id theft victim physician's skin cancer patients.

How Rabid Re/Max Kimberly J Hood sexually harassed a SKIN-CARTEL identity theft victim physician’s Racine skin cancer patients

After felon Dr. Steven Arms stole another physician’s identity for illegal Rx drugs, his wife (Re/Max Kimberly Hood) sexually harassed the identity theft victim doctor’s cancer patients- DSPS co-conspirators painted the doctor’s ire as disruptive...

Felon Dr. Steven Armus used electronic medical record to obstruct a medical identity theft victim physician's clinic

How a hospital & SKIN-CARTEL compromised patient safety

A hospital conspired with oversight to aid crime: administrators sabotaged a physician whistleblower’s clinic so dirty tricksters could justify perjuries (false allegations) that blamed the victim doctor for the saboteur’s chaos. This deadly frame and...