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Picture of Dr. Steven Armus illegal Rx drugs Racketeering timeline

Racketeering Timeline 2009- present: oversight & Dr. Steven Armus

2009: Dr. Armus Kenosha WI arrest

  • Still practicing medicine in Wisconsin
  • Illinois suspended his medical license
  • Arizona suspended his medical license

Dealing drugs from clinic

No supervision of felon

Boasted donations ensured lax oversight

Dr. Steven Armus mug shot

2011: Dr. Armus guilty-many felonies

To the astonishment of Wisconsin citizens, Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Services (DSPS) allowed felon Dr. Armus to continue practicing medicine without supervision.

Felon doctor: no supervision

Trials delayed for years

Co-conspirators in prison

Drug ringleader ran clinics


Illegal Rx drugs, medical identity theft, racketeering

2012: Department of Justice plea deal

U.S. Department of Justice turned over Dr. Armus' supervision to Wisconsin officials healthcare (DSPS) and they allowed Dr. Armus to continue practicing medicine without supervision but:

  1. Dr. Armus wasn't allowed to run or own a clinic
  2. DSPS would oversee Dr. Armus and respond to concerns 
DSPS eyes were blinded

US Department of Justice plea deal:

Dr. Armus turned in drug dealers

DSPS would supervise Dr. Armus

DSPS was blind to ongoing crimes

2013: Dr. Armus entraps addicted patients

Wisconsin Medical Examining Board doctors & Department of Safety and Professional Services:

  1. Ongoing harm to addicted patients- he entrapped them to satisfy DOJ plea deal.
  2. US DOJ plea deal violation: he ran clinics by using ghost owners and medical directors.
  3. Numerous patients complained Dr. Armus' continued his “professional misconduct” 

Wisconsin officials refused to investigate 

Click Below: Fox6NOW News- Dr. Armus got special treatment?

Dr. Sheldon Wasserman pretended there was no problem

While Wisconsin officials refused to investigate 2013 patient complaints that Dr. Armus' misconduct continued, his SKIN-CARTEL stole Dr. Nanette Liegeois' Rx identity to illegally purchase durable medical equipment and Rx drugs.  It would have been easy to investigate: SKIN-CARTEL didn't turn off the clinic's fax signature on their forgeries.

2013: medical Rx identity theft

SKIN-CARTEL medical identity theft for illegal Rx drugs-Steven Armus and Kimberly J Hood


Felon Dr. Steven Armus' SKIN-CARTEL stole another clinic doctor's identity. A board member boasted political donations ensured lax DSPS (medical licensing board) oversight despite his felonies.

To steal Dr. Nanette Liegeois' medical Rx identity for his SKIN-CARTEL, felon Dr. Steven Armus forged her signature: THERE ARE KEY POINTS

  1. SKIN-CARTEL forgeries procured illegal Rx drugs
  2. 2 goals, procure illegal Rx drugs, frame Dr. Liegeois for fraud
  3. Oops-they forgot to turn off the fax signature
healthcare corruption includes illegal Rx drugs
SKIN-CARTEL used forgeries to steal a clinic doctor's identity

2014: sabotage ID theft victim doctor’s clinics

St Croix Health clinical sabotage

After stealing her medical identity, Dr. Armus, his wife (Re/Max® Racine Kimberly J. Hood), and brother-in-law (Plugged Pipes Michael Hood) obstructed Dr. Nanette Liegeois' clinics and sabotaged her care of patients. 

SKIN-CARTEL sabotaged the victim doctor's clinics and patient care.

Intent of emotional distress: sabotage a doctor's clinics.

intent of emotional distress

A 2nd Wisconsin employer conspired with SKIN-CARTEL: St Croix Health sabotage events were identical to those in Southern Wisconsin. Pictures and emails documented a sustained malfeasance campaign.

Federal investigators warned Dr. Liegeois about clinical sabotage plan. 

Scroll to suggest WI Google Ad edits to achieve hospital, attorney, & healthcare oversight response

Clinical Sabotage

Remotely obstruct patient care

Strategic Libel: doctor failed to document patient care

Felon Dr. Steven Armus used electronic medical record to obstruct a medical identity theft victim physician's clinic

Dr. Liegeois has fulfilled physician reporting obligations (2014-present). While it was peculiar >200,000 documents failed to inspire investigation, she investigated herself…and discovered the hospital falsified “evidence.”


Click below: falsified “evidence” blamed the ID theft victim doctor

St Croix Health co-conspirators falsified “evidence” against ID theft victim Dr. Nanette Liegeois so Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Jeffrey M. Hall, could make false allegations against the medical ID theft victim doctor. Wisconsin DSPS suspended her medical license 13 days after her termination without cause. She discovered the falsified “evidence” in 2020:

2014: Strategic libel: “paranoid delusions”

Hall family hospital donor spearheaded the false paranoid delusion claim.

Human Resources poisoned a mental fitness for duty exam.

This page is under construction

LeeAnn Vitalis HR Philanthropy Conflict Failure

HR malfeasance

HR poisoned a mental health exam:

Falsified medico-legal “evidence”

Spoliation: false safety “incident report”

Hospital protected donor, not patients

St. Croix Health Dr. Jeff Hall used falsified evidence to discredit a whistleblower and medical identity theft victim physician.

How officials hide healthcare crimes

Licensing board attorneys hide crime from the public despite ongoing patient harm. They aiding racketeering by deleting Rx data (medical identity theft evidence).

Nanette Liegeois email to prosecutor Joost Kap

Misconduct is ok?

WI Office of Lawyer Regulation failed to discipline attorneys for racketeering that willfully imperiled patient & public safety.    

St Croix Health co-conspirators falsified “evidence” against ID theft victim Dr. Nanette Liegeois and Wisconsin DSPS suspended 13 days after her termination without cause (as HHS OIG predicted). In response to Dr. Liegeois' attorney, who presented the above ID theft forgeries above, DSPS:

  1. Refused to investigate medical malfeasance and racketeering
  2. Refused to investigate St. Croix Health's falsified “evidence”
  3. Denied due process for St. Croix Health false allegations
  4. Deleted illegal Rx drug evidence
  5. Strategic libel called concern for crime a paranoid delusion.

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