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St Croix Valley medical crimes: is Hall Family Foundation liable?

Clinical sabotage killed patients:
are all co-conspirators liable?

Saint Croix Falls WI Dr. Jeffrey Hall conspired with a drug cartel: to blame a doctor for patient deaths, Dr. Hall's nurses sabotaged the doctor's clinics so his strategic libel blamed her (medical ID theft victim) for administrative clinical chaos and sabotage. Wisconsin officials (DSPS) aided his racketeering: they deleted medical identity theft evidence and called concern for crime a paranoid delusion, a phenomenon known as The Martha Mitchell Effect.

Findings and Facts

Clinical sabotage killed patients

Medico-legal documents falsified

Hospital favored Hall Family Foundation

Dr Jeff Hall’s racketeering:

St Croix Health Board of Directors may face liability for Dr. Hall's acts

Dr. Hall aided medical identity theft

He did fake cancer surgeries

Clinical Sabotage…patients died

Below: letter to Wisconsin patients (p.2)

Dr. Jeff Hall St Croix Valley patient safety notice

Step 1) Clinical Sabotage

Hospital administrators obstructed the ID theft victim doctor's clinics, and told staff to ignore doctor orders (insubordination). They falsified “evidence” to blame the victim doctor for compromised patient safety; Dr. Hall's perjuries called concern for crime a paranoid delusion.

Kelli Eklof RN obstructed patient care and sabotaged St Croix Health clinic

At least 6 nurses aided Dr. Hall's false narrative. They obstructed clinics and created chaos. Kelli Eklof led clinical sabotage.

Culprits remotely altered electronic record settings so Dr Hall could falsely claim (perjury) the whistleblower failed to document her patient care.


St Croix Health obstructed clinics by altering electronic medical records remotely.

Felon Dr. Steven Armus used electronic medical record to obstruct a medical identity theft victim physician's clinic

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Step 2) HR’s false narrative

HR painted concern for crime as a paranoid delusion:

This is called Martha Mitchell Effect

Nonclinical HR LeeAnn Vitalis relied on unlicensed staff emails to describe patient care “concerns” to a nonclinical fitness for duty psychologist, and gave him 33 pages of falsified “evidence.” After aiding hospital racketeering, she gave lectures on how hospital HR can deviate from truth.

LeeAnn Vitalis HR and Philanthropy was a ST Croix health conflict of interest

HR posted online: instructions how to deviate from truth.

Ms. Vitalis was both HR & philanthropy, a conflict of interest for a whistleblower reporting donor Dr. Hall's fraud. HR used falsified “evidence” so concern for crime appeared as a paranoid delusion.

Dr. Jeffrey Hall sham skin cancer surgeries

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Step 3) Obstruct Investigtions

A false paranoid delusion claim allowed St Croix Valley and Kenosha illegal Rx drug dealers to obstruct investigations.

Below: WI medical licensing board (DSPS) dismissed complaint

Hall Final Minnesota Complaint Evidence

Hall Family Foundation Complaint to Charity Watch
Report Dr Jeff Hall for his fake skin cancer surgeries

Unbeknownst to Dr. Hall, investigators gave the ID theft victim a “heads up”: St. Croix Health conspired with WI drug dealers.

St. Croix Health would fire the victim doctor upon her starting as dermatologist at the hospital in 2014. “The plan was set.”

Dr No No Nanette Liegeois MDPhD

Meet illegal Rx drug

SKIN-CARTEL stole a doctor's Rx license for illegal Rx drugs-felon Dr. Armus' wife, Racine Re/Max Ms. Kimberly Hood, sabotaged the victim doctor's clinics & sexually harassed her patients so they could portray the doctor's ire as disruptive behavior.

Felon Dr. Steven Armus


St Croix Health & WI licensing board (DSPS) aided illegal Rx drugs by blocking investigation and deleting Rx data (evidence).

Dr. Steven Armus bribed politicians via click to donate
SKIN-CARTEL medical identity theft for illegal Rx drugs-Steven Armus and Kimberly J Hood

Cocaine dealer & felon Dr. Steve Armus stole a doctor's identity to procure illegal Rx drugs.

Public Service Ads

WI oversight (DSPS), hospital Board of Directors, & Hall Family Foundation aided Dr. Armus, and Dr. Jeffrey and Melissa Hall's racketeering, so we're asking you to report illegal Rx drugs to the FBI, St. Croix Health perjuries (Form 990) to the IRS, fraud to HHS OIG, and their intent of harming patients to U.S. DOJ.

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Google Ads remind constituents to report Dr. Jeff Hall for fraud

WI medical licensing board

Wisconsin healthcare oversight is the medical licensing board (DSPS). They protected all co-conspirators and also refused to review how St Croix Health falsified “evidence” and sabotaged patient care. We later learned DSPS deleted medical identity theft evidence (Rx data).  

Discredited concern for crime

Deleted Rx evidence

Blocked investigation

Nanette Liegeois email to prosecutor Joost Kap

The Hospital Board of Directors
failed their fiduciary duties

IRS requires hospitals to follow conflict of interest & whistleblower policies. Because the Board failed their fiduciary ministerial duties, they may face liability for the lack of investigations: St. Croix Health Dr. Hall's (and the licensing board) strategic libel discredited the doctor's concern for crime (called it a paranoid delusion). Dr. Hall, hospital administrators & the board of directors aided racketeering (illegal Rx drugs and patients died).

Patients are “irrelevant” and
medical records are “burdensome”

St Croix Health and WI medical oversight (DSPS) claimed that patients are irrelevant and reviewing medical records would be burdensome. There is no scenario whereby patients and their medical records can be plausibly called “irrelevant and burdensome.”

Hospital Board of Directors (BOD) may be liable for failing mandates: IRS (hospital nonprofit), HHS OIG BOD (policies), and American Bar Assn.

Hospital and Donor Liabilty

St Croix Health Dr. Jeff Hall's repetitive fake skin cancer surgeries harmed patients. He repeatedly lied to a patient,”you're all set.” When he saw that patient back 6 months later, he again lied, “cancer is back” when it was never treated. Then he repeated the same fake cancer surgery. In that patient's medical record, Dr. Hall documented and had billed for surgeries that he never performed.

Last First BOD Title 2020+ 2019 2016 2015 2014
Bajak Sally CFO CFO CFO      
Bedi Gurdesh Secretary, MD Secretary Secretary MD MD MD
Beyer Marsha Trustee         Trustee
Brunclik Jeanine Trustee, MD       Trustee Trustee
Buchite Michael Treasurer Treasurer Treasurer Treasurer Treasurer Vice Chair
Collins Larry Treasurer         Treasurer
Cormell* Sarah Vice Chair   Vice Chair Trustee MD  
Driscoll John Trustee Trustee Trustee      
Erickson Connie Trustee Trustee Trustee      
Frey Dana Trustee   Trustee      
Fuge** Kristine Trustee FT Esq FT Esq Chair Vice Chair Trustee
Hegdal Harlen Chair       Chair  
Jerrick Andrea Trustee   Trustee      
Karun Allison Trustee, MD     Trustee    
Lyman Rebecca Trustee Trustee Trustee      
McDonough Patrick Vice Chair Vice Chair Vice Chair Trustee Trustee Trustee
Redburn Danielle MD     Trustee    
Ruegemer Joseph Secretary, MD     Secretary Secretary Secretary
Schultz William Trustee, MD       Trustee Trustee
Tesch Steve Trustee     Trustee Trustee Trustee
Thimm Joseph Chair Chair Chair      
Ties William Trustee Trustee        
Tremble John CFO and VP     CFO CFO CFO
Van Oort Clyde Trustee         Trustee
White Joseph Trustee Trustee Trustee      

St. Croix Falls patients of Dr. Nanette Liegeois:

If you saw me as a patient in 2014 and you're concerned Dr. Hall and co-conspirators sabotaged your care, please do the following:

  1. Retrieve your 2014 medical record.
  2. Confirm that you were my patient in 2014.
  3. Print, and sign a St Croix Health release form
  4. Mail your 2014 record and signed release to:

Dr. Nanette Liegeois

PO Box 374

Lindstrom, MN 55045

Note: this is only for patients who saw Dr. Liegeois

I will let you know if I can determine my 2014 opinion from your records or if I need more information. Please allow 10 business days after mailing-if you don't hear back, feel free to call me at 443-547-3679 to inquire on the status of my review.

If you have information re: Dr. Jeff (or Melissa) Hall's medical malfeasance, please report tips, evidence, and concerns to WI and federal agencies.


Because DSPS aided crime, please report tips to federal agencies.

Scroll down if you have suggestions to improve WI Google Ads

CIE healthcare reform: please report crime to state oversight or submit a tip to the FBI

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