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St Croix Regional Medical Center. Covert patient care sabotage

How wolf pack nurses preyed on a hospital whistleblower: Kelli Eklof, Carol Larson, Wendy Young, Laurie Peterson

This blog is about Kelli (“Kelly”) Eklof RN and her St Croix Health
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Clinical sabotage
can kill

Fake skin cancer surgeries killed patients

As a confidential informant, Dr. Liegeois gathered evidence and filed reports of medical malfeasance and fraud against St. Croix Health Chief Medical Officer (and hospital donor) Dr. Jeffrey M. Hall for his fraudulent sham skin cancer surgeries.  Immediate reports included OSHA (Kelli Eklof canceled clinic safety device purchases) and fraud (CMS complaint against Dr. Hall). 

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WI hospital & healthcare oversight responsiveness is warranted

Sabotage for Strategic Libel


St. Croix Health and oversight officials refuse to investigate

St. Croix Health administrators sabotage a doctor's clinics and falsified medico-legal documents so Dr. Jeffrey M. Hall could make false allegations against the hospital whistleblower. They weaponized the electronic medical record (EMR) settings and slowed clinic servers down to obstruct a SKIN-CARTEL victim physician’s clinic and patient care. Her obstruction included commanding staff insubordination so hospital Chief Medical Officer and co-conspirators could allege the doctor was incompetent and “unfit.” SKIN-CARTEL used the false allegations to obstruct investigations: the victim physician filed medical identity for illegal Rx drugs.

Nanette Liegeois St Croix Health

Clinical Sabotage harmed patients

Co-conspirators obstructed patient care by sabotaging a doctor's clinical practice in MD, IL, WI, and MN-while patients died.

Felon Dr. Steven Armus used electronic medical record to obstruct a medical identity theft victim physician's clinic

St. Croix Health confidential informant

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proper WI hospital, attorney, & healthcare oversight responses

illegal Rx drugs

Patients died while Dr. Steven Armus was dealing illegal Rx drugs: officials deleted medical identity theft evidence and strategic libel discredited the WI ID theft victim physician who witnessed crimes.

Dr. Steven Armus and Kimberly J Hood medical identity theft
Report St Croix Health Dr. Jeff M. Hall for healthcare crime

Hospital protected donor, not patients

St. Croix Health Dr. Jeff Hall used falsified evidence to discredit a whistleblower and medical identity theft victim physician.

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WI hospital & healthcare oversight responsiveness is warranted

Below: after Kelli Eklof RN left St. Croix Health,* her fraud continued

Kelli Eklof RN does not work at Burnett Medical Center but a website claims she represent their clinic.

*Saint Croix Regional Medical Center changed their name to St Croix Health within the past year.

Kelli Eklof RN FTC fraud complaint

Below, proposed licensing board discipline

Eklof Complaint

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WI hospital & healthcare oversight responsiveness is warranted

CIE healthcare reform: please report crime to state oversight or submit a tip to the FBI

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