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Healthcare corruption

Please share this to protect patient and public safety.

  • WI used safety laws to protect SKIN-CARTEL ringleader Dr. Steven Armus.
  • DSPS Chairs Drs. Simons and Sheldon Wasserman aided crimes:
  • Oversight denied due process of doctors who were politically prosecuted.
  • Patients died while oversight ignored medical identity theft forgeries.
  • WI medical board (DSPS) furthered healthcare crimes in IL and WI.

Is Dr. Wasserman running a pay to play illegal Rx scheme?  WI healthcare oversight (DSPS) deleted Rx data, evidence a cocaine dealer used Dr. Liegeois’ medical identity for illegal Rx drugs.  Dr. Simons made public libel so criminals could thwart investigations.

Medical licensing boards protected political donors instead of patients.

WI oversight won’t investigate healthcare crimes, but you can click to donate to Dr. Shelly Wasserman.  Why won’t he investigate fake skin cancer surgeries?  Abuse of oversight power includes libel to “deter other doctors” who dare speak up; this is tyranny that protected crimes while patients died.  Elected officials must answer why they furthered crime.

Politician Ascension Dr. Sheldon Wasserman failed to improve safety problems

Please report healthcare corruption

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