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How Rabid Re/Max Kimberly J Hood sexually harassed a SKIN-CARTEL identity theft victim physician’s Racine skin cancer patients

At risk: > 45K patients

Below: Dr. Nanette Liegeois took a photograph of the Racine electronic medical record when it was evident Ms. Hood was remotely obstructing clinic. SKIN-CARTEL may have been harmed or defrauded >45K patients. 

Clinical sabotage impacts Wisconsin patients

Intent of emotional distress-
doctor’s patients sexually harassed 

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Intent of distress helped paint a doctor's ire as disruptive behavior 

Re/Max® Ms. Kimberly Hood sent phone sex letters to Racine skin cancer patients after her husband, felon Dr. Steven Armus, stole the doctor's medical identity for illegal Rx drugs. SKIN-CARTEL painted the ID theft victim doctor's resulting ire as disruptive behavior. Ms. Hood's patient sexual harassment was just one part of a sustained clinical sabotage campaign: patients died (2014, 2022) while she and Dr. Armus distributed illegal Rx drugs using the doctor's stolen Rx identity.

Step 1) Steal a clinic doctor’s Rx identity

SKIN-CARTEL medical identity theft for illegal Rx drugs-Steven Armus and Kimberly J Hood

Medical Identity Theft

A clinic board member boasted political donations ensured felon Dr. Armus had lax WI medical licensing board (DSPS) oversight despite his 2009 arrest for dealing cocaine from his Wisconsin clinics. He stole another clinic doctor's medical identity to procure illegal Rx drugs for his SKIN-CARTEL. 

Step 2) Create chaos, blame the victim

Unbeknownst to co-conspirators, Health and Human Services Office of Inspector General alerted Dr. Nanette Liegeois that upcoming employer, St. Croix Health, had conspired with felon Dr. Steven Armus' SKIN-CARTEL to sabotage the identity theft victim doctor's clinics so she would be fired soon after starting there. Dr. Liegeois gathered evidence of St. Croix Health administrative sabotage.

Clinical Sabotage

Settings remotely altered 

Documentation obstructed 

Patients care obstructed

Felon Dr. Steven Armus used electronic medical record to obstruct a medical identity theft victim physician's clinic

3) Mandate & Poison Fitness For Duty Exam

SKIN-CARTEL conspired with St. Croix Health administrators who created chaos, so they could claim concern for crime was a paranoid delusion.

Chief Medical Officer Dr. Jeffrey M. Hall blamed the ID theft victim doctor for St. Croix Health clinical chaos, he mandated a mental fitness for duty exam, and administrators falsified medico-legal “evidence” to poison the exam so concern for SKIN-CARTEL identity theft was called a paranoid delusion.   

LeeAnn Vitalis HR Philanthropy Conflict Failure

A falsified HR narrative

Administrative clinical chaos

ID theft victim blamed for chaos

Mandate fitness for duty exam

Falsified medico-legal “evidence”

Uninvestigated healthcare crime continues…

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Because Wisconsin DSPS blocked all investigations, SKIN-CARTEL racketeering continued to defraud patients: below, Re/Max® Ms. Kimberly Hood's phone sex number is being used for medical device wire fraud.

Below: phone sex # used for medical device wire fraud

Kimberly Hood FTC Report

Below notice: officials refused to investigate

  • Felon Dr. Steven Armus' SKIN-CARTEL stole Dr. Nanette Liégeois' medical identity via forgeries, framed her for fraud, and libel[1] (incompetency narrative) blamed her for SKIN-CARTEL’s chaos.
  • Armus’ wife, Ms. Kimberly Hood (formerly Armus), and brother-in-law, Mr. Michael Hood, obstructed and sabotaged Dr. Liégeois’ ability to render clinical care to dermatology patients.[2]
  • After sabotage caused patient deaths, Dr. Liégeois helped HHS OIG save her still living patients while oversight made public uninvestigated libel1 to help criminals thwart OIG investigations.
  • Libel misconstrued the victim physician’s emotional distress and PTSD as mental instability.
  • Clinic Board Member and political donor,[3] Re/Max® Mr. Raymond C. Leffler, co-owned clinic buildings with SKIN-CARTEL felon Dr.
  • Armus and Ms. Hood became his Re/Max® employee.
  • HHS OIG affirmed patient deaths would result in premeditated murder SKIN-CARTEL charges stating, “if a non-clinician obstructed the proper care of patients [who died], that is murder.”
  • Her letter told patients to call PHONE SEX # that said, “press 1 for phone sex with…”. SKIN-CARTEL improperly responded to this concern with a 2nd unauthorized letter.
  • Medical malfeasance intensified and victim physician had patient safety concerns:SKIN-CARTEL blocked electronic medical record (EMR) documentation.[4]
  • Dermatology patients were booked for “constopation” irrelevant to skin clinic.[5]
  • Liégeois asked Board Member Mr. Leffler to act and protect patient safety, but Mr. Hood called that disparagement and insubordination in his termination.
  • Department of Safety and Professional Services1 (DSPS) dismissed a complaint.

Slander against the medical ID victim doctor

  • Hood called vendors to warn them to not do business with Nanette Liégeois M.D., Ph.D.
  • PHONE SEX convinced a truck driver to not deliver equipment to her IL clinical practice.

RICO crimes: wire fraud, illegal Rx drugs, clinic sabotage, skin cancer patients died

  1. FTC complaint against Ms. Hood states PHONE SEX # is now used for wire fraud #
  2. PHONE SEX # blocked Dr. Liégeois when she requested the device and asked them to call her.[6]

If oversight continues to ignore all concerns and complaints (2009-present), it is dereliction of duty.


cc:  FBI, Stephen Yoch (Felhaber Larson), ILC, FSMB, US Senators and Governors, all WI, IL, MN, MD state officials

[1] Medical licensing board Drs. Sheldon Wasserman and Kenneth Simons refused to investigate all claims (2011-present).

[2] It is unlawful for a non-clinician to initiate, veto, or change a doctor’s care of patients without involving the treating doctor.

[3] An FEC complaint (p. 63) raises concern that political donations ensured lax WI oversight for convict felon Dr. Armus.

[4] EMR obstruction at SKIN-CARTEL was identical to that at subsequent employer St. Croix HealthTM (aka Saint Croix Regional Medical Center) and was cause for medical license suspension claim Dr. Liégeois had “no [patient care] documentation.”

[5] St. Croix HealthTM ensured irrelevant forms for dermatology patients (it asked patients to provide diarrhea details).

[6] The fraud is recorded (Tape A Call).  They blocked Dr. Liégeois’ #, but other telephone numbers were able to get through.

Below: St. Croix Health co-conspirator RN

Kelli Eklof RN obstructed patient care and sabotaged St Croix Health clinic

Clinical sabotage 

St. Croix Health RNs sabotaged clinics and falsified the medico-legal documents so Dr. Jeff Hall could make falsified claims against a hospital whistleblower.

Timeline for crime

Wisconsin licensing board officials aided felon Dr. Steven Armus's racketeering by blocking investigations and deleting Rx data (medical identity theft evidence).

Dr. Steven Armus bribed politicians via click to donate

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