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Psychologist Johnathan Hung used Martha Mitchell Effect to gaslight a hospital whistleblower

St. Croix Health Martha Mitchell Effect recipe:

Step 1) Obstruct & sabotage patient care

St Croix Health clinical sabotage

Unbeknownst to the hospital, U.S. Health and Human Services Office of Inspector General knew felon Dr. Steven Armus conspired with St. Croix Health administrators to sabotage clinics and patient care so St. Croix Health would fire Dr. Nanette Liegeois' within weeks of her starting employment there. As a confidential informant, she gathered clinical sabotage evidence and reported medical malfeasance (2014-present).

Clinical Sabotage

Set clinic servers to run slowly

Change language to Chinese

Settings changed to teaching mode 


Felon Dr. Steven Armus used electronic medical record to obstruct a medical identity theft victim physician's clinic

St. Croix Health Dr. Jeffrey Hall and nurses conspired with SKIN-CARTEL to sabotage a doctor’s clinics. To paint the doctor as incompetent, administrators sabotaged patient care and obstructed clinics.

* Saint Croix Regional Medical Center recently changed the hospital’s name to St. Croix Health.

Step 2)  Blame chaos on targeted doctor

St. Croix Health misconstrued medical ID theft investigations

HR Ms. Vitalis & Chief Medical Officer Dr. Jeff Hall knew U.S. DOJ was involved 

St. Croix Health falsified HR “evidence” and blamed the administrative chaos on Dr. Liegeois. The falsified “incident report” is considered evidence tampering (spoliation) because it takes advantage of a hospital's extraordinary legal privilege-they can “improve” safety issues with high integrity because those reports are shielded from court proceedings-they cannot discoverable by subpoena and cannot be used in a court of law.

Hiding falsified “evidence” in a safety report may itself be criminal

Below: HR LeeAnn Vitalis taught a class how to deviate from the truth.

LeeAnn Vitalis HR and Philanthropy was a ST Croix health conflict of interest

Human Resources:
falsified “evidence”

HR protected hospital administrators and donor Dr. Hall's medical malfeasance by poisoning a mental health fitness for duty exam: falsified and misleading “evidence” blamed an ID theft victim doctor for chaos caused by administrators.

St. Croix Health Chief Medical Officer Dr. Jeffrey Hall and HR LeeAnn Vitalis compromised U.S. DOJ investigations: they disclosed and misrepresented felon Dr. Steven Armus' theft of Dr. Nanette Liegeois' medical identity. St. Croix Health co-conspirators may face liability for aiding racketeering: clinical sabotage caused patient deaths (2014, 2022).

Step 3) Non clinicians judged patient care

Chief Medical Officer: non clinicians judged clinical care

St. Croix Health now admits Dr. Jeff Hall never reviewed patient care for the incendiary claims he made against a Harvard-trained board certified dermatologist. In reality, an obstructionist nurse gathered unlicensed staff emails and HR, a non clinician tried to sort it out.

St. Croix Health protected hospital donor Dr. Jeff Hall instead of patients

Report Dr Jeffrey Hall St Croix Health for fraud

Dr. Hall-where was he?

Chief Medical Officer Dr. Jeff M. Hall

Non clinicians critiqued clinical care

Dr. Hall did fake cancer surgeries

Falsified medico-legal documents

St. Croix Health staff (no medical training, education, or licensure) judge a dermatologists: off site obstructionist, Kelli Eklof RN, gathered emails (staff nonsensibsly interpreting a doctor's clinical judgement of a board certified dermatologist) so HR non clinician Ms. Vitalis could describe supposed staff musings by phone to another non clinician, psychologist Dr. Johnathan Hung- his non sensible hand written notes are below.

This defies all recognized peer review standards.

Below: notes- 2 non clinicians discuss patient care

“Feds involved” seemed delusional

SKIN-CARTEL medical identity theft for illegal Rx drugs-Steven Armus and Kimberly J Hood

Medical identity theft

SKIN-CARTEL felon Dr. Steven Armus

Racine Re/Max Ms. Kimberly Hood

They stole a doctor's medical identity

St. Croix Health: it's “paranoid delusion”


There was no legal basis for FFD, data was falsified

Reasons for FFD:The FFD was mandated after I raised concern for the CMO’s fraud and obstructing nurses who functioned without oversight.  The hospital HR and CMO admitted not discussing “concerns” with me, and no chart/peer review was done for incendiary patient care allegations.  FFD violated all whistleblower, JCAHO, EEOC-GINA, conflict of interest, HCQIA laws.  My concern for hospital safety is corroborated by their loss of JCAHO accreditation.

Dr. Hung is not a clinician, but he grilled me on my dermatologic patient care, relied on nonclinical Development LeeAnn Vitalis’ nonsensible verbal depictions (based on unlicensed staff emails).This was an entirely improper clinical care review.  Development is an HR conflict given Hall familial philanthropy; clinical care questioning was unorthodox, departed from norm.
Sign out, intended for physicians and continuity of care, was instead FFD “evidence.”Without having access to patient charts, patient care questions could not be sensibly answered.

Dr. Hung failed to inform me of copious [false] “evidence” prior to his FFD examination.
FFD report fails to mention his communication with my accusers between biased exams.These communications contradicted the hospital’s subsequent claim the FFD was “non partial.”

MEDICAL RECORD LAW VIOLATIONS:he denied me copies of “evidence,” deleted data
REFUSED TO PROVIDE COPIES:FFD is a legal medical record and a patient is entitled to a copy of it;  Dr. Hung refused to release the [falsified] corroborating data he used for his “FFD.”

He violated documentation retention laws by discarding the FFD recording transcript.Dr. Hung was aware of legal proceedings when he discarded the transcript of recorded sessions.

By refusing to inform me of (and later refusing to release) data, he interfered with proceedings.

My medical identity theft situation could have been corroborated; instead, this issue was exploited as my unwarranted “paranoia” and “delusion” since I knew “feds were involved.”

Spoliation:a criminally false incident report contradicts a police report and omits covert administration’s role in my delusion “misdiagnosis” (CT proved I had a parotid gland stone).  Dr. Hung’s evidence release refusal caused discovery delay; he prevented reporting of RICO crimes.  Worse, he cited criminal “evidence,” calling me “unfit” and incapable of getting along with staff. Surgical sterile technique was a “give and take” issue, proof of my inability to work with staff.

Dr. Hall’s sham surgeries harmed cancer patients. False claims [perjuries] about my clinical care and a poisoned FFD thwarted investigation; Dr. Hung furthered racketeering acts.

DEPARTURE FROM FFD STANDARDS:There was no legal basis for FFD, data was falsified

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