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Oversight abuse of power

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Oversight denied Planned Parenthood of US Constitutional rights:

  • ACLU-Planned Parenthood prevailed against abuse of power 2013.
  • Planned Parenthood vs. Wisconsin medical licensing board members outlined how Dr. Simons led a crusade to use their oversight power to restrict doctors for political gain.

Aid SKIN-CARTEL by denying Constitutional rights:

Liégeois vs. Medical Examining Board Dr. Kenneth Simons denied Constitutional due process rights of Dr. Nanette Liegeois.  His criminally false libel and all counter claims have not been investigated by the Wisconsin Medical Examining Board or any licensing board agency.

Aid SKIN-CARTEL by deleting evidence of illegal Rx drugs:

Oversight (DSPS) Chairs protected illegal Rx drug crime:  Milwaukee Drs. Sheldon Wasserman and/or Kenneth Simons deleted evidence of crime (Rx data) from WI DSPS state Rx database:  Racine drug dealer Dr. Steven Armus stole the medical Rx identity of other doctors to distribute illegal Rx distribution in IL and WI.  They made public the criminally falsified claim that Dr. Liegeois concern (identity theft and fake cancer surgeries) was a paranoid delusion 

Aid skin-CARTEL by refusing to investigate fake skin cancer surgeries

Wisconsin medical examining board (WMEB) and Department of Safety and Professional Services refused to investigate St. Croix Health in St. Croix Falls Wisconsin:

  • They dismissed fake skin cancer surgery concern of US DOJ by refusing to investigate patient harm: St. Croix Health Dr. Jeffrey Hall’s lucrative fake skin cancer surgeries.
  • Nurses sabotaged clinical care.
  • St. Croix Health hospital falsified an incident report (also called spoliation).  Their falsified evidence to frame a doctor.

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Medical licensing members lost immunity Texas Supreme Court 2022:

Van Boven vs. Texas medical licensing board.  Licensing board members lost immunity for not fully correcting an inaccurate defamatory libel record with the National Practitioner Data Bank.

Medical licensing violated Federal Trade Commission laws US Supreme Court 2015:

North Carolina Board of Dental Examiners vs. FTC.  Dentists limited cosmetic teeth whitening services to protect their personal revenue stream, a violation of FTC anticompetitive laws.

Hospital lost immunity after denying due process New Mexico 2013:

Osuagwu vs. Gila Regional Medical Center.  The hospital reviewers lost immunity for bad faith peer review of a doctor.  Their review was politically motivated and denied the doctor all aspects of HCQIA.

Fact: physicians can enjoy legal immunity despite crime.

Johns Hopkins doctors enjoyed full legal immunity for their lucrative false diagnoses that egregiously harmed patients; a judge dismissed the patient victims’ class action criminal healthcare racketeering (RICO) lawsuit because the court protects the sanctity of total witnesses immunity.  Such crimes are not prosecuted in a criminal court of law since US healthcare law grants medical licensing boards with full authority to oversee and discipline physician professionalism violations that would otherwise be prosecuted as racketeering crimes.  In the instance of Johns Hopkins doctors’ crimes, retirement made their devastating perjuries irrelevant to the disciplinary Maryland medical licensing board.

When oversight tolerates physicians who harm patients, safe patient care is not possible.

Cocaine dealer Dr. Steven Armus continued practicing medicine in Wisconsin after he pleaded guilty to using his practice to distribute illegal drugs.  His plea deal allowed him to practice despite policy that states felons are ineligible for clinical practice.  His theft and illegal use of my medical identity to distribute illegal Rx drugs was entirely predictable.


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