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LeeAnn Vitalis HR Failure: philanthropy conflict of interest

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aiding a hospital donor Jeff Hall’s crimes
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Dr. Jeffrey Hall sham skin cancer surgeries

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Patients died from the clinical sabotage


St. Croix Health recipe: strategic libel

 Dr. Hall, M. Vitalis, administrator co-conspirators

St. Croix Health co-conspirators sabotaged clinics

Covert administrative chaos and miscommunications

Falsified “evidence” blamed the whistleblower for chaos

False “evidence” poisoned a fitness for duty exam

Use paranoid delusion claim to obstruct investigation


Patients died from medical malfeasance

Concern for crime is a paranoid delusion:
3 easy steps for Martha Mitchell Effect:

Step 1: Remote clinical sabotage:

St. Croix Health & SKIN-CARTEL

Identical clinical sabotage at St. Croix Health & SKIN-CARTEL clinics featured slow clinic servers and remotely obstructing the electronic medical record for Dr. Jeff Hall's false claim the doctor did not document patient care. His false allegations became licensing board libel that hasn't been investigated despite >200 documents.

Felon Dr. Steven Armus used electronic medical record to obstruct a medical identity theft victim physician's clinic

Step 2: concern for crime is a paranoid delusion

Hospital donor protected

In addition to falsifying medico-legal documents to discredit a medical identity theft victim physician whistleblower, Dr. Jeff Hall billed sham skin cancer surgeries that were never performed. St. Croix Health and Wisconsin (DSPS) medical licensing boards refused to investigate harm to his St. Croix Health patients. It pays to be a donor to St. Croix Health.


St. Croix Health disclosed & misrepresented medical ID theft investigations

SKIN-CARTEL medical identity theft for illegal Rx drugs-Steven Armus and Kimberly J Hood

Racketeering-illegal Rx drugs

After stealing her medical identity for SKIN-CARTEL illegal Rx drugs, felon Dr. Steven Armus and his wife, Racine Re/Max Ms. Kimberly Hood, sabotaged the ID theft victim physician's clinics and patient care and sexually harassed the ID theft victim doctor's patients; they then painted the victim doctor's resulting ire as disruptive behavior. A board member boasted WisGOP donations ensured felon Dr. Armus had lax Wisconsin medical licensing board oversight.

Step 3: Licensing board co-conspirators

Prosecutorial misconduct

Joost Kap Esq. prosecuted a paranoid delusion claim while refusing to investigate all claims and counter claims. Falsified St. Croix Health allegations became licensing board strategic libel that discredited the doctor's concern for crime (called it a paranoid delusion).

Patients died because officials lied. CIE healthcare reform.

Ultimate Goal: obstruct investiations

Judge malfeasance

Medical licensing Judge Tom H Ryan deleted medical identity theft evidence (Rx data) from Wisconsin DSPS Rx database and denied the ID theft victim doctor's right to due process. He willfully failed his ministerial and custodial duties.

Felon Dr. Steven Armus, SKIN-CARTEL, and St. Croix Health co-conspirators used licensing board strategic libel to obstruct medical malfeasance investigations (2014-present).

Dr. Steven Armus bribed politicians via click to donate



Below: St. Croix Health admits Dr. Hall never did a patient care review.

Human Resources omits patient care review while patients died 2014, 2022

St Croix Health 146.38 denial copy

Below: Ms. Vitalis admits to bending truth

LeeAnn Vitalis claimed HR should be as factual as possible


Below: 2 non clinicians discuss patient care

Fitness for duty psychologist's took handwritten notes while talking on phone with St. Croix Health HR LeeAnn Vitalis. Vitalis cited unlicensed staff emails (gathered by clinical obstructionist Kelli Ekloff RN) to describe Dr. Liegeois' dermatologic patient care.


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