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Kristine Fuge Esq conflict of interest-MN prosecutor & St Croix Health Board of Directors

Do prosecutors target hospital whistleblowers?

Skin Cancer Patients Died

While patients died from clinical sabotage, attorneys Joost Kap and Kristine Fuge prosecuted a medical ID theft victim physician. St. Croix Health Dr. Jeff Hall had filed false claims against the medical identity theft victim doctor who is also a St. Croix Health whistleblower. This raises concern prosecutors abused their prosecutorial power to discredit a hospital whistleblower who reported hospital medical malfeasance.

Patients died because officials lied. CIE healthcare reform.

Unbeknownst to Wisconsin prosecutors, St. Croix Health hospital physicians, staff, and board members, the Health and Human Services Office of Inspector General contacted Dr. Nanette Liegeois prior to her employment at St. Croix Health: SKIN-CARTEL conspired with St. Croix Health administrators to sabotage her clinics and patient care so they could terminate her within weeks of employment. Patients had started to die from this clinical sabotage campaign.

Whistleblower was a confidential informant

SKIN-CARTEL medical identity theft for illegal Rx drugs-Steven Armus and Kimberly J Hood


After stealing her medical identity for SKIN-CARTEL illegal Rx drugs, felon Dr. Steven Armus and his wife, Racine Re/Max Ms. Kimberly Hood, sabotaged the ID theft victim physician's clinics and patient care. They sexually harassed her skin cancer patients so they could paint the ID theft victim doctor's resulting ire as disruptive behavior. A clinic board member boasted that WisGOP donations ensured felon Dr. Armus had lax Wisconsin medical licensing board oversight despite his many felonies including dealing cocaine from his Southern Wisconsin clinics.

Licensing board aided crime

Licensing board attorney Joost Kap has a history of hiding crime from the public despite harm to patients. 2013 Wisconsin licensing board members aided healthcare racketeering by deleting illegal Rx data (medical identity theft evidence) whilst they prosecuted the ID theft victim physician who is a hospital whistleblower. St. Croix Health administrators falsified medico-legal documents so Dr. Jeff M. Hall could file false allegations against the whistleblower. Did the Wisconsin licensing board also profit from medical identity theft?

Illegal Rx drugs, medical identity theft, racketeering

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RE:  DOCUMENT RETENTION DEMAND:  2016 case note records of St. Croix HealthTM Kristine Fuge Esq.


Chisago County Attorney’s Office

313 N Main St, Room 373

Center City, MN 55012                                                              June 2, 2023


Dear Chisago County Janet Reiter Esq:

I continue to fulfill and escalate my physician reporting obligations to protect patient and public safety:

  • Intentional patient harm: Jane Doe #1 died 2014 after my care of her advanced skin cancer (from sham cancer surgeries) was sabotaged. Jane Doe #2 died November 2022 from this sabotage.
  • Martha Mitchell Effect: felon Dr. Steven Armus stole my medical identity to procure Rx drugs. To also discredit me as a witness and victim, his SKIN-CARTEL conspired with St. Croix HealthTM[1] to falsify “evidence” so Dr. Jeffrey Hall could allege my concern for crime was a paranoid delusion.
    Federal and WI licensing board (DSPS) aided SKIN-CARTEL racketeering acts by:Deleting my Rx history, proof SKIN-CARTEL stole my medical identity; and Suspending my medical license; SKIN-CARTEL cited this to obstruct investigations; andRefusing to investigate St. Croix HealthTM and SKIN-CARTEL claims and my counter claims.
    Croix HealthTM Whistleblower liability: Ms. Kristine Fuge’s dual role Board of Directors Chair andChisago County 2016 prosecutor is a conflict of interest according to ABA, IRS, HHS OIG rules.
    Tortious interference: Fuge and paralegal Ms. Margaret Charpentier worked together at both Chisago County Attorney’s office and St. Croix HealthTM. Their acts (2016-present) raise concerns:Chisago County case note redactions may be hiding evidence Ms. Fuge, Ms. Charpentier, and SKIN-CARTEL DSPS Joost Kap Esq. conspired to continue Martha Mitchell Effect; and
    They made contradictory statements in St. Croix HealthTM notarized affidavit in court; and
    Recent case notes omit my many 2021 attempts (emails) to obtain unredacted notes from Chisago County Aimee Cupelli Esq. and Ms. Christine Samuelian. This violates protocols.
    In summary, SKIN-CARTEL sabotaged my clinics, imperiled patients, framed me for illegal Rx and fraud, and falsified evidence so Martha Mitchell Effect would obstruct investigations when I fulfilled physician reporting obligations.  I am alleging medical malfeasance is part of a sustained race and gender-based hate retaliation campaign.  I am focusing on protecting patient and public safety, so I am holding off on exercising my whistleblower, patient, and defendant rights to have this information.   In the meantime, I ask you to retain all electronic and printed records; serial murder of legally vulnerable patients has no statute of limitation.  Please confirm your receipt of this notice and compliance within thirty (30) days.


Nanette J. Liégeois M.D., Ph.D.

Founder of CIETM Healthcare Reform at Institute MedicusTM

[1] Formerly Saint Croix Regional Medical Center

Ms. Fuge furthered SCRMC 2014 criminally false narrative in 2016.  She, SCRMC and Felhaber Larson acts obstructed discovery and investigations since 2014.  Her fiduciary, ministerial, and prosecutorial powers destroyed a whistleblower (me), violating health care laws and ABA policies.  This has harmed patients.


Nanette Liégeois M.D., Ph.D.

cc: Wisconsin Polk County Court (20-GF-50), Stephen Yoch (Felhaber Larson), FBI, WI DSPS, Hospitals (Regions, Medical College of Wisconsin, Ascension), Minnesota Boards (Medical, Nursing, Psychology), Milwaukee County Supervisors, Departments of attorney regulation for Wisconsin and Minnesota

Kap Fuge monopoly racketeering

ABA forbids financial and ministerial conflicts:

  1. Fuge’s fiduciary role as SCRMC Chair of the Board of Directors conflicted with her prosecutorial MN Chisago County Attorney impartiality.
  2. SCRMC falsely claimed whistleblower and conflict of interest policies are in place and followed (IRS Form 990 for 2014, 2016, 2019, 2020); Ms. Fuge violated these health care conflict policies.
  3. After prosecuting a hospital whistleblower, SCRMC hired Ms. Fuge as full time SCRMC counsel; her prosecution advanced her career.
  4. Ms. Fuge, St. Croix Health, and their legal counsel, Mr. Yoch, knew of this conflict: a frivolous defense of subpoena is tortious interference of physician reporting obligations (e.g., they falsely claimed record retrieval is burdensome, but I obtained it by simple email; it proves SCRMC sabotaged my clinical care in 2014).
  5. Yoch submitted a Ms. Fuge/Charpentier notarized affidavit with contradictory and false claims to block my evidence discovery that St. Croix Health conspired with SKIN-CARTEL in racketeering.

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