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Joost Kap Esq-patients died because he abused healthcare oversight power

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DSPS Joost Kap Prosecutorial Misconduct

Wisconsin medical licensing board (DSPS) aided illegal Rx drugs by:

  1. Refusing to investigate patient and physician complaints (2013-2022)
  2. Prosecuting a medical identity theft victim physician and witness
  3. Using strategic libel (concern for crime is a paranoid delusion)
  4. Deleting evidence (illegal Rx data) of medical identity theft


Deleting illegal Rx drug evidence is criminal  

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healthcare attorney and judicial oversight response

illegal Rx drugs and racketeering

DSPS framed a whistleblower for illegal Rx drugs



He protected clinical sabotage

Patients DIED 2014, 2022


Patients died because officials lied. CIE healthcare reform.

Joost Kap Esq. bad faith prosecution

By deleting illegal Rx drug evidence, DSPS attorneys acted in bad faith: instead of investigating medical malfeasance claims and counter claims, Prosecutor Joost Kap prosecuted the WI identity theft victim physician.

Deleting evidence of crime is bad faith per Wisconsin Law

It is a crime to delete illegal Rx drug evidence including narcotics

Prosecutorial Misconduct: discredit concern as a “paranoid delusion”

DSPS deleted identity theft evidence

Joost Kap's prosecution was in bad faith


DSPS paranoid delusion claim aided medical ID theft


SKIN-CARTEL medical identity theft for illegal Rx drugs-Steven Armus and Kimberly J Hood

illegal Rx Dealers

Re/Max Ms. Kimberly Hood (Armus)

Felon Dr. Steven Armus

Skin cancer patients sexually harassed

Doctor's ire called disruptive behavior

Below: ID thief is witness against ID theft victim doctor

Prosecutor Joost Kap implausibly used the Rx identity thief as a witness against the identity theft victim doctor. Clinical sabotage had already killed patients; a thief's testimony against the victim likely intended to inflict more emotional distress on the doctor.

Re/Max Kimberly H Hood identity thief was witness against ID theft victim doctor

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Joost Kap failed to answer the email below

Nanette Liegeois email to prosecutor Joost Kap

Timeline for crime

2009 Dr. Armus cocaine arrest

2013-DSPS won't investigate

2013-2014 steals medical identity

2014 DSPS libel-concern for crime is a paranoid delusion

Dr. Steven Armus bribed politicians via click to donate

Doctors are reporting concerns to co-conspirators

DSPS Judge Rx malfeasance

Medical licensing (DSPS) Judge Tom H Ryan aided Joost Kap: after DSPS deleted illegal Rx drug evidence, Judge Ryan denied the ID theft victim doctor's right to due process.

DSPS pattern: protect sleazy doctors

Joost Kap pattern of behavior: he protects criminals by conspiring with other Wisconsin medical licensing board members to keep medical misconduct and crime from public scrutiny.

Fox6NOW reported Joost Kap's role in protecting sexual misconduct

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Nobody is trying to refute the details…

…because it won't please their political donors

Donor to WI hospital 
authored strategic libel

DSPS strategic libel derives from St. Croix Health Dr. Jeff Hall: administrators falsified medico-legal “evidence” to discredit a hospital whistleblower and medical ID theft victim physician.

Exactly one year after the below email, Jane Doe #2 died from SKIN-CARTEL clinical care sabotage: Wisconsin medical licensing board obstructed medical malfeasance and illegal Rx drug investigations (e.g., simple patient care review) despite complaints against all SKIN-CARTEL physician and nurse co-conspirators (>200,000 documents 2008-present). Wisconsin DSPS refused to investigate Dr. Steven Armus’ continued drug dealing after his 2009 arrest (he ran a drug ring from his Racine and Kenosha dermatology clinics), they deleted evidence (illegal Rx drug data) from WI Rx DSPS database, proof he stole Dr. No No Nanette’s medical identity to procure illegal Rx drugs for his SKIN-CARTEL.  They called Dr. No No Nanette’s concern for crime a paranoid delusion.

WI oversight attorney Joost Kap deleted illegal Rx data


Complaint against Joost Kap Esq. Chief Legal Counsel DSPS

 WMEB aided the premeditated murders of vulnerable patients with Stage IV cancer

Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Services (DSPS) and Medical Examining Board (WMEB)

Cocaine dealer Dr. Steven Armus and co-conspirators (“SKIN-CARTEL”) used Dr. Nanette Liégeois’ license for illegal Rx drugs (medical identity theft), sabotaged her care of Stage IV cancer patients, and falsified “evidence” for WMEB libel that discredited Dr. Liégeois (called her concern for crime paranoid delusion):  WMEB libel gave SKIN-CARTEL power to obstruct investigations (tortious interference) and patients died (murder, no statute of limitations) in part because WMEB willfully failed (2009-present) their custodial (Rx data integrity) and ministerial (blocked medical record review) duties including:

  1. Deleting illegal Rx drug evidence from DSPS database (Dr. Liégeois’ Rx data, proof of crime); and
  2. Accepting criminally falsified libel that called concern for crime a paranoid delusion; and
  3. Blocking investigations (all claims and counter claims) despite numerous filings (2013-present).


SKIN-CARTEL FINDING OF FACTS:  healthcare workers conspired in a sustained campaign of sabotage.

  • Illegal Rx drug co-conspirators: Steven Armus, his wife Re/Max® realtor Ms. Kimberly Hood (Armus), brother-in-law Michael Hood, clinic manager Cathy Dean, partner Mr. Raymond Leffler, Dr. Kenneth Simons (all WMEB orders), Dr. Sheldon Wasserman, Joost Kap Esq. and Tom Ryan JD.
  • Croix HealthTM: Dr. Jeffrey Hall, RNs (Wendy Young, Kelli Eklof, Carol Larson, Laurie Peterson, staff nurse “ACNE PATIENT” demanded FDA iPLEDGE violation for libel “refused to treat acne”), Ms. LeeAnne Vitalis (Development), MN psychologist Johnathan Hung Ph.D., Kristine Fuge Esq. (St. Croix HealthTM Board of Director Chair conflicts with MN Chisago County prosecution 2016).
  • WMEB arranged plea deal violation (Dr. James Delis ghost owned Armus clinic). Hood was their character witness despite a complaint she sexually harassed identity theft victim’s patients.
  • HHS OIG called a patient death “premeditated murder” in 2014. Patient victim #2 died in 2022.

CUSTODIAL FAILURES:  WMEB, DSPS, and Federation of State Medical Board (FSMB)


  • Failing to maintain the integrity (deleting proof of illegal Rx drugs) of Wisconsin DSPS Rx database:
    • Someone deleted Dr. Liégeois’ Rx data: Sheldon Wasserman, Dr. Kenneth Simons, Mr. Ryan had authority; it was proof SKIN-CARTEL used Dr. Liégeois medical license for illegal Rx drugs.
    • WMEB, made aware of identity theft many times (2015-present), refused to investigate despite:
      1. Proof (forgeries, anesthesia, ophthalmology equipment) presented at DSPS meeting 03/2015.
      2. Liégeois sent Joost Kap Esq. information needed to refute claims against her 2016.
      3. Numerous WMEB/DSPS phone calls inquiries requesting Dr. Liégeois’ Rx history 2019-2020.
      4. Ryan’s was informed per DSPS “Colin,” but he failed to respond to email query 06/2020.
      5. Medical identity theft complaints filed in WMEB 2020 Administrative Law Judge proceeding:

1) Dr. Armus illegally used the license of Dr. Liegeois and 2) DSPS deleted the Rx data.

  1. Victim physician Dr. Liégeois sent email Joost Kap Esq. 2022: “who deleted my Rx data?”


  • Administrative retaliation: WMEB custodial failure.  After Dr. Liégeois confirmed WMEB updated her address, but WMEB sent notices to an outdated address 2022.  WEMB claimed old address 2014 justified medical license suspension by email and lack of due process. This is part of race-based hate crime retaliation:  Mr Joost Kap cited Dr. Liégeois’ Johns Hopkins lawsuit as “longstanding issues.”

MINISTERIAL FAILURES:  SKIN-CARTEL crimes were never investigated (2009-present).


  • Misprision imperiled public safety: failing to report Dr. Kenneth Simons’ role in crime.

It violates FSMB, DSPS, WMEB, and NPDB goal of preventing healthcare criminals from moving after criminal conduct is exposed: after his Wisconsin SKIN-CARTEL crimes were exposed, Dr. Simons moved to Ohio and became University Hospitals Education VP and Designated Institutional Official.


  • WMEB libel is comprised of criminally falsified “evidence” (falsified incident report and events).

Evidence tampering: a falsified hospital incident report (spoliation, not allowed in civil proceedings) was “evidence” for a fitness for duty exam to discredit Dr. Liégeois concern for SKIN-CARTEL crimes.


  • Tortious interference: crimes expanded after WMEB refused to investigate racketeering crimes.

Physician medical identity theft expansion:

  • SKIN-CARTEL theft of Dr. Liégeois’ medical identity coincides with Dr. Sheldon Wasserman’s 2013 publicly refusing to investigate Dr. Armus after he entrapped patients to satisfy his DOJ plea deal.
  • While WMEB expanded to national (Interstate Licensure Compact) and federal (FSMB) oversight leadership (2013-present), 5,300 physicians also became victims of medical Rx identity theft.
  • Hall knew HHS OIG was investigating SKIN-CARTEL’s theft of Dr. Liégeois’ medical identity; it is a felony to disclose and misrepresent federal investigations to obstruct federal investigation.

Federal Trade Commission wire fraud complaints:

  • SKIN-CARTEL Ms. Kimberly Hood’s 1-800 phone sex # is now used for medical device wire fraud.
  • Kelli Eklof now fraudulently represents Burnett Medical Center on


  • Patient Harm: WMEB ignored numerous patient harm concerns, blocked warranted investigations.
  • WMEB ignored concerns of a Harvard trained board-certified dermatologist who, for this cancer, led the first AJCC staging and participated in NCCN and Genentech® scientific advisory panels.
    • Hood (Armus) sexually harassed Dr. Liégeois’ skin cancer patients with phone sex letters.
  • To paint Dr. Liégeois incompetent, medical malfeasance targeted her elderly female patients who had advanced skin cancer, apparent victims of repeated lucrative sham (fake) cancer surgeries.
    • Patient Jane Doe #1 died 2014, HHS OIG called the clinical obstruction premeditated murder.
    • Patient Jane Doe #2 died 2022 from SKIN-CARTEL obstructing NCCN standard of patient care.
  • Croix HealthTM Dr. Jeffrey Hall billed lucrative sham skin cancer surgeries he never performed.

Patient Harm: non-clinicians & unlicensed staff sabotaged then critiqued Dr. Liégeois’ patient care.

  • Eklof, Young, and Larson obstructed, overruled, vetoed, and sabotaged physician orders.
    • Hospital donor Dr. Hall “concerns” are staff emails to off-site RNs (Eklof, Young). Nonclinical VP Development (Vitalis) description to Dr. Hung (fitness for duty) is fails to understand “HIV” false negative and PPD prior to Stelara is not “looking for TB.”   Hung violated medical record law: refused to disclose “evidence,” deleted records, and spoke to Dr. Hall (not “non partial” exam).
    • SKIN-CARTEL obstructed and sabotaged electronic medical record (EMR) documentation:
      • Croix HealthTM arranged irrelevant Excellian® EMR training, no 1-on-1 or dictation training.
      • EMR sabotage: locked out, language set to Chinese, vitals blocked, patients angry because pharmacies would not fill Rx (Ms. Eklof misspelled Liegeois in EMR), and slow clinic servers.
      • Because the EMR was unusable, St. Croix HealthTM authorized paper to document patient care so Dr. Hall could claim in WMEB libel Dr. Liégeois patient care had “no documentation.”

cc:  WMEB, Governor Evers, Polk County 20-GF-50, Stephen Yoch (Felhaber Larson), HHS OIG, FBI

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CIE healthcare reform: please report crime to state oversight or submit a tip to the FBI

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