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WI oversight abuse of power protected US political donors

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WI licensing board aided illegal Rx drugs

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Felon Steven Armus boasted that political donations ensured his lax Wisconsin Medical Examining Board and Department of Safety and Professional Services (DSPS) oversight. Only an audit could determine who benefited from his medical identity theft.

Who deleted illegal Rx evidence?

Dr. Steven Armus and Kimberly J Hood medical identity theft

Healthcare officials are predatory:
The fox is guarding the hen house

Doctors and patients are vulnerable when medical licensing boards aid hospital whistleblower retaliation that intentionally imperils patient safety. Wisconsin former Governor Scott Walker merged hospital lobbyists with the medical licensing board activities, a conflict of interest for hospital whistleblowers. Behind closed door meetings with nebulous decision making created a culture of favoritism whereby financial stakeholders can destroy those who tell the truth.

predatory fox represents corrupt healthcare oversight
Hen House represents patients and doctors

Abuse of power imperiled patient safety

Numerous legal cases found that U.S. healthcare oversight and medical licensing boards are abused their power despite harm to doctors, patients, and public safety.  

Illegal Rx drugs, medical identity theft, racketeering

Healthcare officials & racketeering

Wisconsin and the Federation of State Medical Board abused their powers when they aided illegal Rx drugs and intentional patient harm.As medical licensing board Chair Dr. Kenneth Simons (VP University Hospitals) and Milwaukee politician Dr. Sheldon Wasserman relied on falsified “evidence” for strategic libel that favored co-conspirators.

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healthcare attorney and judicial oversight response

U.S. healthcare lacks checks and balances

Successful US governance depends on checks and balances, but Congress gave medical licensing boards with all governmental power.  With no conflict of interest law, oversight is vulnerable to bribery.  Recently. the US Supreme Court found the North Carolina dental licensing board abused their power to violate FTC anticompetitive laws.  Here is how Dr. Simons was able to protect SKIN-CARTEL racketeering crimes:

  1. Legislative:WI laws contradict on another, so any legal action is justified.
  2. Executive: Dr. Simons prosecuted allegations with no investigation.
  3. Judicial: licensing board members hold all positions (police officer, investigator, prosecutor, jury, judge, prison guard, and probation officer).

Prosecutorial Misconduct? No problem!

How did medical licensing board Chairs Drs. Wasserman and/or Simons get away with deleting evidence of illegal Rx drugs? Prosecutors cannot tamper with criminal evidence but Wisconsin oversight did…but that’s not sanctionable according to WI office of lawyer regulation.

Milwaukee Dr. Sheldon Wasserman


Dr. Sheldon Wasserman refuses to investigate (2013-now).

Deleted illegal Rx data is evidence tampering

Prosecutorial misconduct isn't sanctioned

because doctors lack a license to practice law.

Healthcare doesn’t follow U.S. Constitution

Oversight’s role in illegal Rx racketeering: due process is not guaranteed for doctors who are targeted by medical licensing boards. Drs. Wasserman and/or Simons acts aided racketeering crimes by intentionally failing their custodial and ministerial duties; then they claimed concern for crime was not a paranoid delusion, so DSPS imperiled public safety to further Dr. Armus’ illegal Rx drug distribution.  This meets bad faith criteria per WI Stat.§146.37. Despite patients who died, they refuse to review records to identify and prevent other patients from similar harm.  Instead, they continue to make public St Croix Health Dr. Jeff Hall’s criminally falsified allegations.

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