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Did felon Dr. Steven Armus bribe Wisconsin DSPS and FSMB for lax medical licensing board oversight?

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WI DSPS refused to investigate forgeries-medical identity theft:

Armus cartel Rx identity theft forgeries

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After 14 years, Illinois is finally investigating…

IL medical licensing board reconsidering Dr. Steven Armus


Do political donations ensure lax oversight?

FEC complaint 2022.7.15

A ghost owner helped circumvent a DOJ plea deal

Because the US DOJ would not allow Dr. Armus to own or run a clinic, an Illinois doctor, Dr. James Delis, agreed to “own” the clinic so Dr. Armus keep running his clinics despite pleading guilty to using clinics to distribute cocaine.  It remains unclear what role Dr. Delis played in SKIN-CARTEL theft of a physician’s medical Rx identity however, as owner, he is responsible for crime in clinic he owned.

Dr. James Delis Wisconsin IllinoisDSPS Delis



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