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Disgraced Dr. Kenneth B. Simons role in illegal Rx drugs was exposed- corrupt doctor moved to Ohio

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Because there was no response from the Federation of State Medical Board (FSMB) leaders and counsel, No No Nanette® contacted FSMB press representative for comment on Dr. Simons role in felon [cocaine dealing] Dr. Steven Armus illegal Rx drug distribution. FSMB failed to respond while patients died (2014, 2022) from a sustained clinical sabotage campaign.

Dr. Simons, Chair of Wisconsin &  Federation of State Medical Boards was EXPOSED FOR AIDING MEDICAL IDENTITY THEFT: he left Medical College of Wisconsin for an Ohio University Hospitals VP of Education job despite his key role in aiding felon Dr. Steven Armus' SKIN-CARTEL illegal Rx drugs. Is it possible that American medical educational institutions are rewarding retaliatory medical malfeasance against hospital whistleblowers?

All witnesses (doctors, attorneys, staff, patients) must report officials (e.g., licensing board attorneys and physicians) who conspired in healthcare racketeering. According to their legal counsel, University Hospitals concerns should be sent to Cleveland Medical Center ACSB 127, Public Square St 4900, Cleveland OH 44114.

After aiding racketeering that imperiled patient and public safety, Dr. Kenneth B. Simons became:

  1. Chair Federation State Medical Licensing Board
  2. Chair Wisconsin Medical Examining Board
  3. Chair Interstate Licensure Compact
  4. Dean’s Office Medical College of Wisconsin
  5. VP of Education University Hospitals

Did Dr. Simons profit from medical identity theft?

Rewarded for retaliatory crimes
against hospital whistleblowers?

FSMB and DSPS illegal Rx drugs and patients intentionally harmed

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University Hospitals Dr. Kenneth B Simons

SKIN-CARTEL medical identity theft for illegal Rx drugs-Steven Armus and Kimberly J Hood

Wisconsin & Illinois clinical sabotage

Medical Rx identity theft

Oversight deleted Illegal Rx data

Did bribery influence lax oversight?


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How we uncovered the evidence

Officials aided SKIN-CARTEL crimes

  1. Felon Dr. Armus had lax oversight
  2. Delete medical Rx identity theft evidence
  3. Frame a victim physician for illegal Rx drugs
  4. Use libel to discredit the victim physician
  5. Refuse to investigate 2009-present.
Dr. Kenneth B Simons covertly framed a whistleblower for illegal Rx drugs

Doctors are reporting medical malfeasance concerns to officials who aided racketeering

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Doctors are reporting crime to criminals.

Dr. Kenneth B Simons imperiled public and patient safety: two patients have died so  far. Healthcare reform requires vetting leaders for past legislation, litigation, and administrative issues.  Dr. Simons and/or Dr. Wasserman likely profited from illegal Rx drugs while they framed a medical identity theft victim doctor for the crimes. When that plan failed, his libel called concern for crime a paranoid delusion.

Who deleted illegal Rx drug evidence?
Because Wisconsin medical licensing board members deleted the DSPS illegal Rx data (evidence) that would prove SKIN-CARTEL stole her medical license and used it to procure illegal Rx drugs, it was easy to paint the medical identity theft victim as paranoid and delusional.  It remains unclear who in DSPS deleted the criminal evidence: Dr. Kenneth B. Simons, DSPS prosecutor Joost Kap, or Judge Thomas H Ryan.

Wisconsin and Ohio Google Ads:

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Wisconsin and US medical licensing board confusion

Dr Simons & SKIN-CARTEL.Dr. Simons abruptly left Medical College of Wisconsin and was demoted as Chair of Wisconsin, federal, and national medical licensing boards (despite 2020 reappointment). His aided medical theft by deleting illegal Rx data (criminal evidence) from DSPS Rx database and he used investigated libel to call a victim physician’s concern for crime a paranoid delusion.

Licensing board minutes April 2020 claim Dr. Simons term ended 2018.

Proposed order against Dr. Kenneth B. Simons

DSPS Simons

Click to report US and Wisconsin healthcare oversight doctors and attorneys who aided crime.  Congress gave medical licensing boards legal immunity and created a practitioner database to prevent malevolent doctors from traveling but the WI medical licensing board abused their power to aid illegal Rx drugs, clinic sabotage, and lucrative sham cancer surgeries that caused patient deaths. It took public disclosure to stop medical malfeasance and crime.

Wisconsin and US medical licensing board confusion
Dr Simons & SKIN-CARTEL.Dr. Simons abruptly left Medical College of Wisconsin and was demoted as Chair of Wisconsin, federal, and national medical licensing boards (despite 2020 reappointment). His aided medical theft by deleting illegal Rx data (criminal evidence) from DSPS Rx database and he used investigated libel to call a victim physician’s concern for crime a paranoid delusion

DSPS Medical Examining Board (MEB)Kenneth_Simons_CV_03-15-2022Kenneth Simons leading multi state licensingfsmb-elects-kenneth-simons




CIE healthcare reform: please report crime to state oversight or submit a tip to the FBI

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illegal Rx drugs

Patients died while Dr. Steven Armus was dealing illegal Rx drugs: officials deleted medical identity theft evidence and strategic libel discredited the WI ID theft victim physician who witnessed crimes.

Dr. Steven Armus and Kimberly J Hood medical identity theft

Legal malfeasance

Medical licensing Judge Tom H Ryan aided rackeering by deleting evidence (Rx data) and denying ID theft victim doctor's right to due process while patients died.

Gotcha Question

Wisconsin oversight (DSPS)

aided illegal Rx drugs

Discredited concern for crime

DSPS deleted evidence of crime

Blocked all DSPS investigations

Is DSPS framing whistleblowers for illegal Rx?

DSPS Joost Kap failed to respond to a 2021 email

Nanette Liegeois email to prosecutor Joost Kap
Re/Max Racine Kimberly J Hood aided illegal Rx drugs by sexually harassing an id theft victim physician's skin cancer patients.

Sexual harassment

Felon Dr. Steven Armus stole a doctor's Rx license to procure illegal drugs and his wife, Kimberly Hood, sexually harassed the ID theft victim physician's patients.

Timeline for crime

Wisconsin licensing board officials aided felon Dr. Steven Armus's racketeering by blocking investigations and deleting Rx data (medical identity theft evidence).

Dr. Steven Armus bribed politicians via click to donate

Do Lobbyists Bribe Licensing Boards?

Medical oversight and lobbyists merged: officials deleted evidence after a WI felon stole a hospital whistleblower's identity. 

Corrupt attorneys aided illegal Rx drugs
Report St Croix Health Dr. Jeff M. Hall for healthcare crime

Hospital protected donor, not patients

St. Croix Health Dr. Jeff Hall used falsified evidence to discredit a whistleblower and medical identity theft victim physician.

How officials hide healthcare crimes

Licensing board attorneys hide crime from the public despite ongoing patient harm. They aiding racketeering by deleting Rx data (medical identity theft evidence).

Illegal Rx drugs, medical identity theft, racketeering
LeeAnn Vitalis HR and Philanthropy was a ST Croix health conflict of interest

Philanthropy & HR aided racketeering

St. Croix Health Philanthropy proved IRS Form 990 perjuries: they don't follow conflict of interest, whistleblower policy. 

Clinical Sabotage harmed patients

Co-conspirators obstructed patient care by sabotaging a doctor's clinical practice in MD, IL, WI, and MN-while patients died.

Felon Dr. Steven Armus used electronic medical record to obstruct a medical identity theft victim physician's clinic

Licensing board misconduct cases

Numerous licensing boards have been found guilty of malicious prosecutions, bribery, and anticompetitive actions.

FSMB Dr. Kenneth B. Simons racketeering via bribery public officials

Misconduct is ok?

WI Office of Lawyer Regulation failed to discipline attorneys for racketeering that willfully imperiled patient & public safety.    

How  gaslighting discredits doctors

To discredit a hospital whistleblower, WI medical licensing board's strategic libel discredited the doctor's concern for crime.

intent of emotional distress
Kelli Eklof RN obstructed patient care and sabotaged St Croix Health clinic

Clinical sabotage 

St. Croix Health RNs sabotaged clinics and falsified the medico-legal documents so Dr. Jeff Hall could make falsified claims against a hospital whistleblower.

Prestigious VP job for co-conspirator

When Dr. Kenneth Simons role in illegal Rx drugs was exposed in Wisconsin, he moved to Ohio for a University Hospitals prestigious VP job created for him. 

University Hospitals Dr. Kenneth B Simons

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