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I started Institute MedicusTM because we need to talk about the US healthcare problems: that’s the only way to solve issues and make quality healthcare affordable.  My experiences and watching the pandemic chaos unfold convinced me that, if we focus our frustration and energy on reforming the system, US healthcare will improve.  We can work together to make quality US healthcare affordable.  Let’s discuss how it can happen, and then make sure it happens!

We need to end oversight corruption and political lies

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State and national healthcare oversight used safety laws to protect medical malfeasance (patient harm and illegal Rx drugs) instead of patients.  While my patients died, oversight refused to investigate and dismissed my concerns as “paranoid delusions.”  This rhetoric fuels “click to donate” campaigns instead of fixing the ludicrous healthcare expense families face on a daily basis.  We must hold oversight accountable for playing political games with patient lives while they protected financial stakeholders (political donors); this contributed to the consistently terrible outcomes in the US.  Please scroll to the bottom for my resume.

Quality healthcare can be affordable.  Let’s think differently.

What matters: make quality healthcare affordable. Let’s fix legislation and oversight to favor patient outcomes.  Patients are not safe if oversight aids healthcare crimes. Corruption that sabotaged my patient care is happening in other states, it drives up cost of healthcare, and protects patient harm. If we share our stories, we can make healthcare reform happen.  Together I believe we can make quality healthcare affordable.  

Quality healthcare is the goal.

  • Healthcare cannot be detrimental to patients under any circumstance.
  • We need mechanisms to stop unethical (and criminal) patient care.
  • Hold oversight accountable for their role in protecting healthcare crime.
  • Forever ban from leadership anyone in oversight who abuses their power.
  • We need to try models that successfully deliver safe and affordable care.

Because state officials and WI politicians are involved, please report oversight crime to FBI.

I allege retaliation (for my reporting concerns) included malfeasance that targeted my patients (like the movie Coma).  Although it sounds paranoid and delusional (as accused), no attorney can plausibly argue why the hospital and WI oversight refused to review medical records to prevent more patients being harmed by fake cancer surgeries.  No court should allow a legal argument that medical record review is irrelevant (especially with electronic medical records).  Wealthy political donors and institutions can successfully use frivolous arguments to thwart investigations and prosecutions because they have greatly influenced legislation and oversight.

Patients and the public aren’t safe when US healthcare oversight protects financial stakeholders (political donors).  Oversight medical malfeasance includes illegal Rx drugs and protecting lucrative fake cancer surgeries.


Nanette Liegeois MDPhD 2023 Curriculum Vitae

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Please report healthcare crime today.

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