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IL & WI fake skin cancer surgeries

SKIN-CARTEL, Hospital, & Oversight Racketeering

2 dead patients so far…bookmark for updates

Dr. Steven Armus bribed politicians via click to donate

Wisconsin Racketeering Timeline 2009-present


END CORRUPTION-share thisDid bribery convince US & WI (DSPS) officials to aid racketeering? Re/Max Kimberly Hood, her felon husband (Dr Steven Armus), and co-conspirators stole a doctor’s medical identity while clinical sabotage serially killed off...

Saint Croix Regional Medical Center Wolf Pack

How wolf pack nurses preyed on a hospital whistleblower: Kelli Eklof, Carol Larson, Wendy Young, Laurie Peterson


END CORRUPTION-share thisSt Croix Health nurses used organized crime tactics to discredit a hospital whistleblower: after they vetoed, obstructed, and altered a doctor’s planned patient care, they falsified “evidence” for Dr Jeff Hall’s strategic libel...

FSMB Dr. Kenneth B. Simons racketeering via bribery public officials

US medical licensing bribery explained


END CORRUPTION-share thisSKIN-CARTEL boasted WisGOP donations ensured lax WI healthcare oversight (DSPS) for a felon Dr. Armus, and he stole other doctors medical identities to procure illegal Rx drugs. DSPS aided racketeering by deleting medical...

Corrupt attorneys aided illegal Rx drugs

WI oversight abuse of power protected US political donors


END CORRUPTION-share thisIt pays to be a political donor: when patients died from clinical sabotage, WI licensing board (DSPS) blocked all investigations, deleted medical identity theft evidence (Rx data), and called concern for crime a...

University Hospitals VP Dr. Kenneth B. Simons

Disgraced Dr. Kenneth B. Simons role in illegal Rx drugs was exposed- corrupt doctor moved to Ohio


END CORRUPTION-share thisRewarded for discrediting a hospital whistleblower? When Google Ads asked Milwaukee constituents to report Dr. Simons for illegal Rx drugs and patient harm, he moved to Ohio because University Hospitals created his VP...

St Croix Health clinical sabotage

Kristine Fuge Esq conflict of interest-MN prosecutor & St Croix Health Board of Directors


END CORRUPTION-share thisCorruption isn’t limited to doctors: WI Supreme Court Office of Lawyer Regulation refused to discipline Kristine Fuge Esq for conflicts of interest not allowed per American Bar Associaion code of conduct. Attorney misconduct...

LeeAnn Vitalis HR Philanthropy Conflict Failure

LeeAnn Vitalis HR Failure: philanthropy conflict of interest


END CORRUPTION-share thisHuman Resources discredited a hospital whistleblower: non clinician LeeAnn Vitalis was VP Philanthropy (conflict of interest) when she aided a hospital donor Dr. Jeffrey M Hall’s crimes by poisoning a hospital whistleblower’s fitness...

Patients died because officials lied. CIE healthcare reform.

Psychologist Johnathan Hung used Martha Mitchell Effect to gaslight a hospital whistleblower


END CORRUPTION-share thisDr. Hung lacks training, degree, and licensure for clinical medicine but he grilled a hospital whistleblower on “clinical care” per non clinician HR-Philanthropy LeeAnn Vitalis who implausibly used unlicensed staff emails to critique...

Re/Max Racine Kimberly J Hood aided illegal Rx drugs by sexually harassing an id theft victim physician's skin cancer patients.

How Rabid Re/Max Kimberly J Hood sexually harassed a SKIN-CARTEL identity theft victim physician’s Racine skin cancer patients


END CORRUPTION-share thisAfter felon Dr. Steven Arms stole another physician’s identity for illegal Rx drugs, his wife (Re/Max Kimberly Hood) sexually harassed the identity theft victim doctor’s cancer patients- DSPS co-conspirators painted the doctor’s ire...

intent of emotional distress

How oversight gaslighting discredits healthcare whistleblowers


END CORRUPTION-share thisSKIN-CARTEL exploited a Nixon strategy made famous by recent hit series GasLit. To discredit a Watergate whistleblower, mental health experts helped Nixon by painting her her emotional distress as a paranoid delusion. Healthcare...

Felon Dr. Steven Armus used electronic medical record to obstruct a medical identity theft victim physician's clinic

How a hospital & SKIN-CARTEL compromised patient safety


END CORRUPTION-share thisA hospital conspired with oversight to aid crime: administrators sabotaged a physician whistleblower’s clinic so dirty tricksters could justify perjuries (false allegations) that blamed the victim doctor for the saboteur’s chaos. This deadly...

Fox6NOW reported Joost Kap's role in protecting sexual misconduct

How oversight leaders hide medical malfeasance & crime


END CORRUPTION-share thisHealthcare crime’s best friend is oversight  Joost Kap Esq. & Judge Thomas H. Ryan: they exploited safety laws to ensure the public is unaware of misconduct & crime that intentionally compromises patient and...

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